The insurance industry is going through a transformation to supply customer demands and expectations in the digital age



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Digital insurance is changing quickly, with every insurer in the market investing in digital strategies and deploying solutions – portals, mobile apps, home or personal devices and more—as they make digital strategy the heart of how they serve markets and customers. Along with this, the number of insurtech startups grows by the week as entrepreneurs and investors seek to capitalize on this rapidly changing market.

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Talk with Jay Cohen, Deloitte, on Regulation and Innovation

Jay Cohen, talks about regulators and how they handle the changes that the InsurTech companies introduce and how they try to inovate.


Recap - Talk with Aaron Schiff

This evening our guest speaker is Aaron Schiff co-founder and CEO of Matic Insurance...

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The InsurTech LA May event covered investments and raising capital in the InsurTech space. We had the pleasure of having two speakers who shared their knowledge and experience with the Los Angeles InsurTech community. Colleen Poynton, VP at Core Innovation Capital, and Christine Carrillo, CEO and co-founder of Impact Health, who just raised series A. 

Fireside chat with Ali Safavi

Fireside chat with Ali Safavi

Ali safavi talks about innovation at a global scale

Ali Safavi is the Founder and Global Head of Plug and Play Insurtech, an Insurtech-focused innovation platform in partnership with some of the largest insurers, reinsurers and brokers in the world.


InsurTech LA guest speaker Jen Friel, CMO of DropIn

DropIn is a video streaming platform that enables customers to leverage their smartphones and drones to streamline the claims submission process...

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Geospacial Insights

Thomas (Tommy) Ashman, co-founder of Slingshot Aerospace, joined me for a fireside chat on Geospatial Insights and the insurance. 

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Insurance and Blockchain

Andreas Freund PhD, a leading expert in his field, was our guest speaker July 2017. Andreas talked about one of the hottest and buzzed topics today - Blockchain. 

Ryan Hanley and Nick Lamparelli

Ryan Hanley and Nick Lamparelli

Ryan Hanley talks about marketing, Bold Penguin and commercial insurance

We had two makers and shakers joining us from remote (Ryan’s flight was canceled) for this event.

Nick Lamparelli host of the Profile&Risk podcast and genuine InsNerd. Nick is a 20+ years insurance veteran.

Ryan Hanley, the man, the legend, the marketing bomb.


Insight on Innovation: from legacy company and startup

Mariel Devesa, head of global business development for Phyn and former head of innovation for Farmers Insurance, shared her experience and insights on innovation. Stephen Goldstein joined Mariel to facilitate the fireside talk and to ask the hard questions.


The future of the agency - LA InsurTech Talk

The agents and the brokers are a cornerstone of the insurance industry. They are true entrepreneurs that, in most cases, start a business...

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